Certified Sales Trainer – 2 Day Program

What is the Certified Sales Trainer program? Accredited by Sales and Marketing Institute International, CSP.  Become and Internationally recognized & certified Sales Trainer and be part of a growing network […]

The Six-Step Process Certification – 2 Day Program

Becoming Your Best conducted extensive research spanning many years, analyzing the practices of 50 prominent organizations to understand how employees and leaders approached planning and problem-solving. Their objective was to discern effective strategies and shortcomings. Surprisingly, their findings revealed that fewer than 10% of these organizations had an established company-wide problem-solving method for their leaders and employees. However, a substantial 82% of leaders believed that their team members could enhance their problem-solving abilities.

To bridge this disparity, they introduced a novel approach to planning and execution known as “The Six-Step Process”.

The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders Certification – 2 Day Program

What is The 12 Principles of Highly Effective Leaders?

The “12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders” stands as a globa Leadership Development Program, offering comprehensive training to cultivate top-tier leaders across all levels of your organization.

Upon conducting four decades of research into the top 10% of exceptional leaders and performers across various industries, we discovered a common denominator among them—12 fundamental principles that serve as the universal thread that links the crème de la crème to one another. These principles serve as the common thread among the most accomplished individuals. Implementing these 12 principles serves as a robust predictor of personal and professional success for leaders.

Do What Matters Most Certification – 2 Days Program

Overview This certification program is designed for individuals who aim to integrate the Do What Matters Most training and resources within their organization and teams to enhance time management, productivity, […]