Our signature Sales Star Inventory (SSI) assessment has been used over the span of 15 years, in over 17 countries, and in seven different languages.

With SSI, your organization will receive a startlingly accurate insight on the behavioral, aptitude, and motivational values that affect the performance of sales professionals.

Sales Star Inventory

Sales Leadership Certification is the most comprehensive and empowering program available in the sales development world today.

A well thought out and thorough curriculum covering the key areas essential to be a great sales leader, coach and people developer, Sales Leadership Certification is combination of the following core pillars of Sales Management, Sales Coaching & Sales Training.

Sales Star Academy uses the most effective and highly-qualified facilitators for our certification programs. Each facilitator is an experienced practitioner and shares real life examples and a wealth of practical experience during the workshop. They know how to apply classroom theory to on-the-job situations.

What is Sales Star Inventory?

  • Sales Star Inventory (SSI) is currently Asia's only comprehensive level A & B psychometric profiling and assessment tool for sales and customer facing professionals that provides invaluable insight, to empower organizations and professionals in the area of both Selection and Development.
  • Additional optional tools include candidate selection matcher, industry bench-marker, development needs analyzer, as well our customized management system for corporate use.

SSI: At A Glance

  • Asia fastest growing and widely accepted as a dependable and credible tool for profiling and assessing sales professional


  • Recommended by HR, sales managers, sales professionals and sales consulting experts


  • Used in over 17 countries


  • Validated against sizable sample size across Asia & Middle East


  • Available in 6 languages ie. English, Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesia, Chinese, Thai and Arabic


  • Only tool in Asia & Middle East that assesses behavioral + aptitude + motivational values all in one (which means if you want all three elsewhere you have to add 3 separate tools, making the competitor's rate less affordable)

How does Sales Star Inventory work?

Psychometric Level A & B Profiling

SSI is based on The Sales Intelligence Methodology and is enhanced from DC Colour Brain Science.

Elevate Your Business

SSI is an adaptive tool that helps sales professionals maintain a stronger closure rate and increase customer loyalty.

Sales Talent Development

SSI uncovers dispositions, strengths, and values that HR Managers, Sales Professionals, and Business Owners can use for Sales Talent Development.

Insightful Assessments of Selling Styles, Skills, and Motives