Business Simulation

Pineapple Tycoon is an Enterprise Business Simulation game that focuses on equipping participants with skills like:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales and Negotiations
  • Resource Planning
  • Materials Management
  • Cross-Functional Team Engagement
  • Team Effectivity


to help achieve strong business results.

Pineapple Tycoon

Pineapple Tycoon is an enterprise business acumen simulation game that focuses on areas of entrepreneurship, sales and negotiations, resource planning, materials management, and cross functional engagement when working together to drive common goals in achieving business results.

Created For Corporate Clients

If you’re looking for a solution to enhance your overall entrepreneur mindset of your Team, develop better business acumen, build up negotiation skills, or improve Cross-Functional Team Effectiveness, Pineapple Tycoon is perfect for you.

Our tool is a business simulation game is built for Professionals from Executive to Management level. Pineapple Tycoon guarantees a dynamic learning experience for any individual of any level, ensuring that they’re well prepared to support your Team(s).

Made for Employees

Pineapple Tycoon helps employees understand the need of thinking like a boss–the sense of urgency, focus on details, and key decisions that impact the bottom-line. Click below to learn more about how our simulation tool unleashes the Power of Entrepreneurship in each member within your Team(s).

Designed for Partners or Training Providers

If you’re a partner, a training provider, or a coach, we want to work with you! We’re always looking for more like-minded individuals to help bring the vision of Pineapple Tycoon all across the world. We have developed a certification program that will teach you how to deliver, facilitate, and unleash the power of Pineapple Tycoon. Interested in finding out how you can partner or receive the certification? Click the button below to connect with us.

How does Pineapple Tycoon work?

Superior Salesmanship

Discover the science and art about superior salesmanship in the context of International, Regional, and Local Trade.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Inspire and activate the ability to challenge the status quo while developing disruptive ideas that overcome challenges with absolute commitment to success.

Financial Impact Sensitivity

Make sound and wise decisions by understanding key financial matrices that impact the bottom line.

ROI Focused Decisions

Embrace the necessary skillset to think critically from a bigger picture perspectives.

Customer Centricity

SSI is an adaptive tool that helps sales professionals maintain a stronger closure rate and increase customer loyalty.

Cross-Functional Effectiveness

Collaborate and integrate key success factors between departments to achieve world-class effectiveness.

Operational Excellence

Streamline and tighten operations processes to reduce wastage on limited resources to achieve Operations Excellence.

The First Hybrid Simulation that Drives Real Business Performance.