Instagram Shopping: Why It’s Essential For Your Brand


Social shopping…it seems like one of the biggest buzzwords for businesses lately. Many successful brands have moved into the world of social commerce when we take a look at popular platforms like Instagram.

It makes sense if you take a minute to think about it–most customers are on social media platforms constantly. It’s a natural inclination for most of us; the desire to keep up with our friends or stay updated on the latest trends, news, products, and etc.

Brands that understand their customers and their actions understand that social shopping is so much more than what it is upon first glance. It’s a blend of social media and online shopping. Mostly, it’s revolutionizing the way we shop.

By shifting your customers’ entire shopping experience to social, marketing and branding has a greater chance of transforming it as a direct gate for sales. On your best days, it may be the best base to grow your following and sales. For users, it allows them to experience a seamless shopping journey, from consideration to conversion.

90% of Instagram users follow business accounts, and 60% of Instagram users have reported that they find new products on Instagram. Interestingly enough, 30% of online shoppers say they would be more likely to make a purchase from a social media network.

What is Social Shopping?

Social shopping, in its most simplistic form, is a dialogue between you and your customer about your brands and products. This act of using social media to discover reviews and recommendations about certain products (regardless of whether its introduction is intentional or happenstance) can be both a challenge and an advantageous opportunity for companies.

Now, you’re probably wondering: why should I care?

Improving customer experience on social media shopping

Paves the Way for a Better Shopping Experience

If you’re looking for ways to grow your online revenue stream, the best place to start is on your Instagram account. There’s a big chance that people are already talking about you on social media. Your customers may be using their platform to compare your products and share their opinions with their peers. This can be a powerful medium in which you can contribute to the dialogue.

56% of Instagram users follow brands on social media to see their products, which also means they’re ready to purchase within the app itself. With over 87% of people saying that social media platforms help them decide what to buy, it certainly gives brands a way to complete the entire buyer’s journey in one fell swoop.

Helps Build Customer Loyalty and Authenticity

Another way that Instagram helps businesses increase potential buyers is by providing the necessary analytics for brands to understand how they can build authentic trust among their audience and community. By utilizing social listening and big data analytics, marketers can infer their target audience’s preferences and motivations. Information like this could increasingly become an essential component in bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Generates Brand Awareness

A crucial aspect of Instagram’s social marketing dexterity is its inherent ability to generate rapid brand and product awareness, especially when influencers are added to the mix. According to Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when making purchase decisions. Instagram aids by allowing influencers to add a checkout feature on their sponsored posts. When you combine the clout of influencers with the accessibility of Instagram’s Checkout on every part of the app, you’ll have an integrated tool that allows sales to grow through a marketing channel.

High conversion rates on sales chart

Personalized Product Suggestions Lead to Higher Conversion Rates

The great thing about Instagram shopping is that it only shows your products that are for your targeted audience. Imagine being able to walk into a store where everything was curated exactly according to your tastes.

Due to Instagram’s thorough algorithm–which is all based on previous engagement of other users–you’ll be able to offer products to the customers who are more likely to purchase them.

Essentially, it’s safe to assume that if a user stumbles upon your purchasable posts located in their Instagram Shop feed, there’s a viable opportunity of converting new (or old!) customers.

The Bottom Line

The strategies of bolstering online sales are evolving. Today, many customers are now shifting their buying behavior toward Instagram, where the beloved social platform makes shopping effortless and quick. As more and more businesses restructure their sales and marketing strategies to include social shopping, it’s suffice to say utilizing channels like Instagram will be imperative in aiding brands in reaching their target audience, building brand awareness, fostering customer relations, and boost eCommerce sales.

With the large number of daily active Instagram users, it’d be an agile move to begin your own social shopping strategy!