• The goal is to achieve improvement in the way staff view and do their jobs. This brings about the productivity improvement benefit that all organizations desire.
  • The aim is to inspire action that improves the way the organization operates and the way staffs interact


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Our Experiential Leadership, Motivation & Team Building courses are one of the most popular methods of building strong teams and developing successful and empowered employees. Our approach to team building is bottom-up, we do not give you a menu of what we have but we start with what you need. As we understand your needs, our team will craft the experiential activities to meet your objectives.

From our experiences, we recognize the importance of individual’s attitude, which essentially contribute to the team’s performance. Therefore, through our activities and the skillful debriefing from our experience trainers, we will unleash and bring out the best of each individual for the betterment of the team.

We have developed the course syllabus to highlight wide ranging leadership issues, building synergy, pulling together, communication, approaching change, getting to know each other, reducing conflict, turnover, setting and achieving targets and corporate goals.

Delegates find our workshops challenging, exciting, thought provoking, empowering and rewarding. Ultimately they leave a workshop with an enthusiastic fresh perspective on:

  • Their roles
  • The need to see their work as part of a process
  • The need to be constantly improving the organisation’s processes
  • The need to develop core skills that contribute to improvement
  • The ability to identify problems to work on
  • The ability to be able to analyse problems and determine causes
  • The ability to generate well-crafted solutions


Recommended for all level of team players from managerial down to the operational within the organization that would like to forge a strong team and develop successful and empowered employees for higher productivity.


Standard or customised courses available. For further enquiries, please click HERE.