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In today’s rapidly changing competitive environment, Sales Professionals must be adept at moving quickly out of their comfort zone to constantly build new capabilities as effective performers and future leaders. The PowerUpSuccess Sales Development Series (SDS)prepares sales professionals to develop greater confidence, sharpen selling skills and achieve higher sales productivity. It is custom designed to enhance the competencies of aspiring sales executives, talent-select sales workforce and sales leaders.

Participants not only expand sales & business acumen in key areas, but also engage in competitive strategy simulations that dramatize the connection between interpersonal aptitude and business results.

Through a combination of classroom workshops, practical assignments and team projects, the SDS offers the content and flexibility to design a Sales Development program tailored to an individual’s specific needs and the organization’s expectations.


  • Serves as a starting point for implementing Sales Development activities for organizations that do not have a program in place.
  • Works as a complementary resource for organizations that have a Sales Development program in place.
  • Provide HR, Training & Sales departments to align their organization’s competency model and performance management framework with a proven training & development system.
  • Empowers Sales Professionals themselves to choose the courses that will enhance their personal development needs ( applicable for credit based programs only )

Every individual requires professional skills that fall into four (4) distinct categories:

  • Personal Leadership & Self Management
  • Professional Selling Skills Enhancement
  • Interpersonal Skills & Customer Relationship Management
  • Team Leadership & People Development

The SDS is a high impact curriculum designed by Author, Master Trainer, Sales Psychologist and Leadership Coach, Raymond Phoon and his team who have helped thousands of professionals and countless sales organizations achieve sustainable breakthrough results across the region.

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Our Methodology & Approach

  • Alignment
    Our SDS modules are specifically customized to interface & align with your organization’s talent competency model, to ensure greater compatibility and effectiveness.
  • Sustainability
    Participants and candidates are provided with proprietary tools, in and between modules, to help increase retention, drive sustainable results and enhance development of positive habits that go beyond training.
  • Measurability
    The ability to track participant’s improvement and post-training impact to your organization’s bottom-line & critical success factors, provide proper measurable clarity and transferable benefits.

The SDS is customized for brand leading professionals, and offers the highest level of learning and professional development in these four areas:


Learn how to adopt a proactive approach, optimize resources and be self-driven to achieve results and greater personal growth by honing self-management skills for self development & organizational effectiveness.


Learn valuable skills to implement a consistent approach that promotes quality, reliability and effective workplace & business performance.


Building a positive work approach , improving work relationships and developing customer loyalty ; inspiring co- operation and teamwork and increasing job productivity.


Developing a keen sense of Leadership ability and willingness to empower sales teams for greater growth and impact.

Typically, organizations sign up for a minimum of 6 months to 12 months of engagement, with a selection of between 3 to 8 different modules for their Sales talents.Equipped with hard and soft skills, current and potential Sales talent will have the tools to help them and their organizational departments succeed. The Sales Development Series will benefit organizations regardless of their asset size, employee numbers or location.

The following SDS table below provides a comprehensive list of modules that will help meet your organization’s Sales Development needs :-

Personal Leadership & Self Management
Leadership & Self Management
Principles of Pro-Active Self Management
Image & Grooming
Projecting a Positive Professional Image
Goal Alignments & Time Management
Planning & Goal Setting Principles of Effective Time Management
Interpersonal Skills & Customer Relationship Management
Professionalism @ the workplace
– Workplace Essentials for Optimum Results
Customer Relations
– Customer Relationship Management Building Customer Loyalty
Communication Essentials
– High Performance Communication Sales Speak
( Sales Presentation Skills )
Professional Selling Skills Enhancement
Sales Psychology– Sales Intelligence
– Foundations of The Sales Star Inventory
Objections & Negotiation
Sales Negotiation Skills
– Objections are from Heaven
Essential Selling Skills
Jump-Start Selling
– Professional Selling Skills
Consultative Selling
– Solution Based Selling
– Key Account Management
– Selling with Passion & Power Sales Coaching Clinic
Team Leadership & People Development
Developing, Coaching & Mentoring
Sales Coaching & Management Essentials
Talent Selection & Management
– Never Hire Another Bad Salesperson Again
– Sales Strategy & Forecasting Essentials
Monitoring & Managing Performance
Performance Planning & Appraisal Essentials