In the FMCG industry, where customers are mostly huge MNCs with large negotiation power and global scale, the talent shortage of sales professionals become more acute where sales professionals need to be able to

  • Understand the complex and demanding requirements of their MNC customers
  • Define the joint value creation that is win win for both parties
  • Convincingly communicate joint value propositions
  • Leverage innovative problem solving skills to move customers from holding fixed and opposing positions to focus on areas of joint interests in tough negotiations
  • Keep multiple Key Decision Makers engaged at every level.

The rapid rate at which technology is advancing places further pressure on this sales talent shortage as sales professionals are not able to evolve and re-learn fast enough to remain relevant.

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Based on Manpower Group’s 2016/17 Talent Shortage Survey that interviews 43000 employers from 43 countries, sales positions are ranked 3rd highest in the talent shortage list. And sales positions have been ranked top 5 most difficult positions to fill for the past 10 years of this survey.


PowerUpSuccess stratetically partners with Catalyst Agents to fill these gaps.

The FMCG Sales Development series is designed to start from a basic level of 1-1 selling and then progressing to higher levels of difficulty in selling/negotiating with multiple stakeholders. It culminates in Level 4 (Sales Team management) where often the biggest challenge that great sales professionals would face is when they get promoted and are expected to lead teams vs achieving sales targets on their own. The 4 different levels are planned with each level building on the previous.

FMCG Sales Development Series presented by Catalyst Agents and PowerUpSuccess

Our Approach
Builds FMCG Sales Competencies through Applied Learning Experience

We understand the business situation and work with key stakeholders prior to training to pick real life business and people management scenarios for discussions during training.

We ensure participants have the opportunity to practise the concepts learned and apply to the real life scenarios they are facing during workshops designed into the training.

Post training, we are able to develop customized tools/processes and continue to coach participants in their application to ensure sustainability.


Our Methodology


Why choose PowerUpSuccess & Catalyst Agents

Experienced key consulting team

– Combined industry experience of over 150 years – 30 full time professionals ( 12 resident trainers )

Scalable solutions & training delivered to more than 15 countries globally, 60,000 of professionals from 450 organizations

100 % satisfied clients from 20 different industries Trainers certified from brands like:

– Certified Sales Professional Accreditation – British Psychology Society
– American Institute of Business Psychology – 6 Seconds EQ International

– Directive Communication International
– Institute of Professional Managers & Administrators, UK – International Business Coaching
– Six Disciplines of Learning Company
– John Maxwell Leadership Team
– International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Catalyst Agents Sdn. Bhd is a boutique Sales & Marketing advisory firm that is highly specialized in the FMCG and Retail businesses. Together with PowerUpSuccess, they adopt a solutions-centric approach to their consultancy, training and coaching. They work hand in hand with clients to build customized business and organizational development plans that mixes the right combination of consultancy, training programs and coaching sessions to maximize effectiveness. Founded by expert practitioners, the following are key areas that Catalyst Agents specialize in:

1. Strategic Sales and Marketing Planning
2. Strategy Enrollment and Culture Change
3. Key Account Development and Management 4. Sales Negotiation
5. Sales Processes Mapping & Implementation 6. Sales Organization Design
7. Sales Organization Capability Building
8. Sales Organization Compensation