Our Industry specific program is highly successful because of the following:

  • Based on the Industry best Practices with customization for each client.
  • Proven and tested content.
  • Practical and Actionable for specific industry.

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Significant new trends continue to reshape the financial services industry. The escalation of globalization process, the advancement of technology and the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis poised some key challenges to the human capital development in Malaysia.

There is a shortage in talent of caliber sales professionals to meet the current needs of demanding consumers.

Sales Professionals are faced with having much more products to sell. Moreover the range of products offered are similar to the competitors, hence not knowing how to differentiate their product and handle the objections from customers effectively.

Sales Professionals lack skills in consultative selling. The current pool of sales people are used to pushing rather than consultation approach.

Many managers found it difficult to lead and retain the younger generation of employees due to the old management style used. There is a need for new approach in leading the Y generation employees for greater meaning and results in their work.



The current demands require sales professionals to :

  • Be able to consult and offer advise in helping them to select the right product that meet their needs.
  • Be able to present a compelling presentation of products and services offered in a professional way.
  • Have the knowledge of marketing concept to help position and differentiate the products and services when performing the selling process.

Leaders in the organization at the same time are expected to change their style to coach rather than command the team for results.

Success belongs to the organization that is ready to invest in their leaders and the people. We would like to partner with you in the learning and development journey to elevate your people to a whole new level of performance, productivity and profitability.


  • Essential Selling Skills for Direct Sales Teams
  • The DNA of a Sales Superstar for Consumer Sales Executives
  • Sales speak for impactful sales presentation
  • Practical Selling Skills for Direct Sales
  • Telesales Mastery for Inbound sales
  • Gap analysis through mystery shopping for front line sales
  • Selling with Passion & Power
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Coaching & Management Essentials
  • Hiring A Sales Superstar