The key success criteria of Automobile industry is the ability to:

  • Create an unique & differentiation in end to end Customer Buying Experience
  • Maintain the Consistency in delivering this experience regardless of the range and values of the vehicles
  • Aligning individual and organization goals



Buying a Vehicle is very different from buying a book or a pair of shoe. It is different not because of the nature of the product per-say, but due to the fact that one can’t just buy a vehicle and drive away with it on the same day.The decision making process and the duration it takes for a customer to get from the point of being interested to being able to “consume” his purchase can take weeks if not months.Therefore, the challenge of the Automotive Industry is the ability to provide a standardize, professional and consistently enjoyable end-to-end buying experience for a customer. As far as the customer concerned, his experience with the Vendor focuses on 3 main key stages, they are:

  • Service Before Sales
  • Service After Sales
  • After Sales Service

Our specialized automotive solutions focus on the first two stages on helping our automotive clients to deliver their Brand Promises to all their customers through a customized 7 Steps Selling Process that will guarantee a consistent customer buying experience that is scalable, learnable and duplicable.


The program is highly successful because of following:

  • Based on Industry Best Practices but customizable for each client
    Every detail of the 7 Steps selling process can be customized based on our Automobile Client’s Core Values and Brand Promises. Apart from covering the what-to-do and the how-to-do, the program also designed to take into consideration of the impact of customer’s buying psychology and emotions.
  • Proven and tested
    The process is not new. It has been proven and tested in major Automobile Brands across the world. What is new is PowerUp Success ability to combine the best industry practice with PowerUp Success Selling Principles that is relevant to the local marketplace’ culture and convention, making it unique in its delivery.As a result, the ideas and tips shared in the program had been proven to work regardless of the Sales Person’s experience in the industry.
  • Practical and Actionable
    The Selling Process is design to be simple to implement and realistic to execute. The ideas participants learn in the workshop can be implemented immediately the next day when they return to their branches.The objective is to empower Sales Person to embrace the 7-Step Selling Process as part of their daily habit, so that it becomes natural to them.

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