Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation for highly effective workplace relationships – a key component in building trust, influence and engagement in various business situations.

Great leaders create a container, a context, a playground where their people reach higher and dig deeper. They form a gut-level connection with their people, with authenticity and passion, they create trust and drive – they are “people’s people” because their job is leading others, not “doing tasks”. This requires a remarkable blend of insight into what drives people (and themselves) and a robust set of tools for creating the right emotional conditions for performance.

This program is unlike others in that it does not rely on employee buy-in or policy change to change behavior, but rather instills the personal drive to excel and create an environment that “feels” the EQ leadership culture, thus the program has long-term effects.


Business Unit Head, General Manager, Directors and Head of Departments who want to increase their effectiveness and performance at the organizational, interpersonal and personal levels by overcoming Leadership challenges that prevent them from achieving organizational and personal goals.

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