Professional Certification and Accreditation:

  • Certified Sales Trainer, SMI
  • Certifed NLP Master Trainer


Clients that Leroy has worked with include :


As a certified Sales Trainer under the Sales & Marketing Institute (SMI) and a Master Trainer of NLP, Leroy Frank Ratnam has developed his unique style of training by combining years of experience and success in his own sales career and his knowledge in NLP.

Leroy was personally trained and licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler – The founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™). Ever since, he has been training for many years specializing in the areas of Sales and Peak Performance.

Today, Leroy is one of the most sought after Sales Trainer in the region where he is constantly engaged by top organizations to train their leaders and sales force. Viewed by many as the industry leader, Leroy has taught thousands of professionals in applying simple-yet-effective strategies of high-performance selling that creates quantum breakthroughs in their sales and career.

Having achieved his million-dollar wealth before the age of 30 as a top sales professional and serial entrepreneur with businesses in automotive engineering, interior design, real estate and training, Leroy now spends his free time pursuing his passion in helping others achieve the success he enjoys. He believes that anyone can succeed and it is only a matter of having the right strategies.

Leroy is an associate consultant with the PowerUpSucess Group and is part of our Certified Sales Trainer alliance benchmarking Sales Excellence and Business Transformational in the region.