Jessica is proud to be associated with these established clients in their successful Corporate Branding Programme:


“Jessica is funny, as she puts in a lot of lively examples. She is a fantastic facilitator, where I think she could guide people well, by giving confidence to us to become a more professional working person..”

Josephine Looi, Customer Experience- KL Main, OCBC 

“Entertaining & Informative!” 

Shahizah Shaharuddin, Senior VP, Corporate Affairs Division, SKALI 

“This was an entertaining session for me, which I feel is useful for all working in offices” 

Maznida Mokhtar, Chief Financial officer of SKALI 

“You are energetic and able to draw class attention” 

Susan Giam, HR Manager of Asia Life 


Jessica has always exuded energy and fun in her workshops and events. She trains with games, punts, hands-on simulation, experiential learning and interactive presentations. Her methods accelerate the learning process and allow trainees to immerse themselves into their newly acquired skills. Jessica aims to transfer and share her vast experience and knowledge in makeovers and corporate impressions.

Jessica seeks to educate working professionals in the creation of impeccable Corporate Impressions. Her “Corporate Image, Etiquettes and Grooming” workshops are creative and engaging. In the year 2007, Jessica had the opportunity to host a motivation program named “Get, Set… Go!” run by TV2, a national Malaysian television station.

The programs in Corporate Image and Branding Excellence that Jessica run include:

  • Professional Makeup
  • Skin Care, Beauty and Beyond
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Social Etiquettes
  • Dining Etiquettes
  • Fashionable “Pemakaian Tudung”
  • Dressing up for the Right Way for the Right Occasion
  • Poise and Posture

Contrary to her passion, Jessica is also a chartered accountant by profession and  received her tertiary education in University of Malaya. This has given her a remarkable advantage by providing her insight on pursuing creativity and excellence. She has served years in PWC, an established accounting firm and gained much commercial experience with DKSH before stepping out to conduct corporate trainings herself.