• Construct a value proposition that works with your customers
  • Sell a “solution”, as opposed to “a standard product”
  • Control the selling process-knowing what is going to happen next
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Better manage customer expectations (How to keep your customers happy)
  • Apply win-win negotiating techniques and strategies
  • Deal with “No’s” and Stalls
  • Identify and eliminate potential problems early in the sales process
  • Create a process of mutual consent
  • Deal with confrontational, demanding and and/or irate customers
  • Change a customer’s negative perception
  • To leverage on the power of effective upsell and suggestive selling
  • Mastering the Buying and Selling Process
  • How to Capitalize on the Dynamics of Human Relations
  • How to Get Real Commitment and Buy-in
  • Qualify and Clarify Problems, Priorities, Authority and Investment to Seek a Better Solution for Your Customer
  • Negotiating for Mutually Beneficial Outcomes
  • Communication Strategies and Tactics to Use in Persuasion


In today’s competitive market, decision makers are becoming more sophisticated as they seek to manage the buying process to drive the best possible deal. Assertive buying strategies and competitive forces present a significant threat to sales revenues and profit margins.

Hence, business today is one big negotiation. We spend a good part of our day negotiating with customers, co-workers, our bosses, other departments, customers, suppliers, and salespeople.

Today, we need to have strategic sales negotiation skill more than ever to survive in the ever-competitive business environment. Using these powerful skills, problems get solved collaboratively yielding results that are optimal for everyone involved. Because everyone is a winner the relationships are not only preserved, they are enhanced.

This two-day interactive programme aims to ensure that you are ever prepared for negotiation, and achieve the best possible outcomes and relationships.


Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Finance & Support teams, and anyone who needs to negotiate to get to results.


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