Participants will learn the following:

  • Acquire the necessary skills to be an effective and influential key account manager
  • Correctly define & identify what is a key account and how to map historical trends to future opportunities
  • Develop tactical plans to defend and protect key accounts from competitive threats
  • Build relationship and network with the appropriate influencers, decisions makers, recommenders in key accounts in order to manage and grow the account
  • Deploy “ambassadorship” connections and navigate the key account to expand market share and clout
  • Complete specific client account plans that map business landscape, share of wallet, market analysis, organizational / political sentiments, upcoming trends and action insights
  • What is Key Account Management
  • Key roles and responsibilities of a Key Account Manager
  • Defining a Key Account
  • Understanding the client’s business requirements
  • Analysis of how the account positions us as a supplier
  • Networking & Influencing the account
  • Managing team focus and maintaining good communications
  • Developing the client account plan


Winning, keeping and nurturing clients is core to any organization’s survival. Not just any client, but the right key clients. Key clients are accounts that contribute the main bulk of the business.

They are responsible for generating the needed volume, margin and market share to grow the business and provide clarity to business planning and forecasting. Not only are they crucial to your bottom-line, but they are also the main “targets” of your competitors.

There’s no better way to protect your prized customers than to utilize the strategies of Key Account Management.

Managing multi-layered relationships, developing strategic engagement plans and influencing the decision making process as well as the order size of your key accounts are critical skills that corporate or key account managers must embrace and excel in.

This two-day program will help account managers, business development professionals and corporate sales managers to acquire the necessary skills by providing the appropriate toolkit and best practices in developing, managing, influencing and growing the key accounts.


Account managers, Strategic Account Managers, Sales Consultants, Sales Directors, Business Development Professionals and/or management personnel involved in Key Accounts Management.


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