• Develop key skills to select the right candidate through sales competency- based interview techniques
  • Discover out how to differentiate non-performers from mediocre performers and from mediocre performers to Super Stars.
  • Learn how differentiate the real “Super Star” from the fake
  • Acquire foundational understanding of a candidate’s core behavior, motivational drive and situational tendencies
  • Discover how to spot key behavioral patterns that influence future performance
  • Learn how to assess not only what a candidate can offer your company, but what your company can offer a candidate.
  • Follow a systematic interviewing guide – focused on quality selection efforts
  • The Psychology Of Top Sales Performers
  • The “Perfect” Talent Selection Model
  • Effective Hiring & Interviewing Process For Selecting Top Performers
  • The Sales Candidate Assessment System
  • The Professional Sales Leader’s Interview Kit
  • Industry Case Studies
  • Practice & Application Sessions


Hiring the right Salesperson is perhaps one of the most critical tasks that any sales leader, recruiter or business owner has to manage.

Find and position the suitable candidate in place; and your business will skyrocket. Hire the wrong one, and you might as well throw thousands of dollars into the drain, to say the least.

Imagine the opportunity cost loss, the hours of unproductive coaching & monitoring and perhaps the worst, your “sanity” in trying to squeeze real performance from those who may never improve. When it comes to hiring your Sales People, the cost of failure is simply unfathomable.

There’s no better way to provide direction on reducing that risk than the key principles shared in this program.



Sales Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs or Anyone whose success and key responsibilities depend on hiring, developing and managing the right sales teams.


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