• Fundamental And Psychology Of Selling In Gaining Personal Mastery
    (How to Capitalize on the Dynamics of Human Relations)
  • Learn and practice powerful and persuasive sales communication strategies to create effective impression and long term relationship
  • Understand and adopt the powerful Relationship Selling ‘HI IMPACT’ framework
    (How to Get Real Commitment and Buy-in)
  • Gaining new insights and skills in probing, power of questionings in developing benefits
    • Reduce Sales Objections Through Practising Six-step
    • Proven Clarification Strategies
    • Manage Difficult Customers With An Influential Positioning
    • Communication Strategies and Tactics to Use in Professional Sales Closing
    • Communication Strategies and Tactics to Use in Professional Sales Closing
    • Gain new powerful and effective sales tools in the sales process
    • Leverage on the power of effective upsell and suggestive selling
    • Develop sales personnel into becoming hospitality sales professional with revenue optimization focus.



  • Fundamental And Psychology Of Selling In Gaining Personal Mastery
    (How To Capitalize On The Dynamics Of Human Relations)
  • Learn And Practice Powerful And Persuasive Sales Communication Strategies To Create Effective Impression And Long Term Relationship
  • Understand And Adopt The Powerful Relationship Selling ‘Hi Impact’ Framework
    (How To Get Real Commitment And Buy-in)
  • Gaining New Insights And Skills In Probing, Power Of Questionings In Developing Benefits
  • Common Types Of Sales Objections Faced By Sales Professional
  • Communication Strategies And Tactics To Gain Commitment/ Closing
  • How to Favorably Present Your Ideas and Products


It’s no secret that hospitality sales & service have changed in recent years. We are all working harder, with more responsibilities.  High pressure selling is no longer effective.  Customers want involvement. They want to be recognized and listened to. And they don’t want you to forget them once the sale is made.

Two key objectives of this 3 days workshop are to help participants feel more comfortable and skilled in selling to their customers and to help them identify and address some of their customer service challenges.

Participants will also discover that the business of business is in making friends, and the business of all sales professionals is in making friends and building relationships. Strategic friendships will make or break any business, no matter how big and no matter what kind of market.


Hospitality Sales & Marketing Professionals, Associates with Sales Responsibilities from Food & Beverage, Catering, Front Office, Anyone who would like to enchance their Hospitality Sales & Service Effectiveness.



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