At the completion of this course, participant would be able to:

  • Define “control,” and recognize its importance in the management system.
  • Elaborate on the purposes and applications of standard costs and the uses of standard cost tools.
  • Perform menu engineering analysis for better profitability
  • Apply principles and procedures important in controlling the purchasing and receiving processes, and recognize the need to incorporate quality requirements in purchasing and receiving activities.
  • Identify the goals of effective storage and issuing controls, describe physical and perpetual inventory systems, and recognize the need for accurate inventory record keeping systems.
  • Forecast production needs based on sales history records and time series analysis.
  • Discuss the importance of standard recipes (including computerized standard recipes) as production tools, and justify production planning time.
  • Understand and apply the basic formula for calculating cost of sales, and identify sources of information for each component of the formula.
  • Understand and apply theft prevention procedures.
  • Recognize the importance of the guest, the server-guest relationship, and the principles of good service.
  • Apply Revenue Optimization Strategies in generating F & B revenue opportunities
  • Introduction to Food and Beverage Control
  • Planning for Food and Beverage Control through the Menu, the FIVE standard cost tools, and the Operating Budget
  • Implementing Effective Food and Beverage Control Systems
  • Using Information from the Control System
  • Labour Cost Control
  • Key Measurements of Food and Beverage Revenue Indicators



The workshop is full of ‘Key Principles And Procedures Involved In An Effective Food And Beverage Control System’ and help the participants to understand them, which include the standards determination, the operating budget, cost-volume-profit analysis, income and cost control, menu pricing, labour cost control, and revenue/profitability optimization to achieve goals and hotel budget.


Hospitality Professionals, Hotels and Restaurants, Food & Beverage executives, Kitchen Associates, Assistant Managers.


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