• Understand the value of creativity in our personal and work life
  • Be aware of the roadblocks to creativity
  • Learn to manage the ultimate machine – our brain
  • Develop new ways of thinking through fresh perspective
  • Rekindle the importance of Play for Productivity
  • Use 4 steps of creative thinking process to have a structured and fresh approach to solving business challenges
  • Explore 3 creative techniques in generating winning ideas and fresh solutions
  • Nurture and be inspired to create-activity
  • Why Creativity?
  • Bust the myths of creativity
  • Manage the ultimate machine – our brain
  • Take off your Reality Glasses
  • Play for productivity
  • D.E.V.E.A – Steps of Creative Thinking Process
  • 3 Creative Techniques that generates winning ideas and fresh solutions
  • Understanding the twin brother of Creativity – Courage


The demand of the global economy is constantly changing and increasing each day. The current workforce is faced with challenges each day that required quick solutions. The mindset and skills that have sustained us thus far are no longer yielding the same results. So, creativity is coveted.  However, many people seem to believe that creativity is something that you either have or you don’t.

There is an urgent need for executives and managers to cultivate the right kind of attitude and creative thinking skills in order to stand out and find joy at work.

This workshop is a playground for you to learn about creativity in a simple, practical and fun way.


This program is for anyone who and everyone who wants to improve their creative thinking; who thinks they are not a creative thinker but wants to be one; or who wants to facilitate creative thinking in their team or workplace.



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