• Learn how to adopt a proactive approach, optimize resources and be self-driven to achieve results
  • Realizing your self confident and self empowerment
  • Understanding their individual Color Brain Assessment profile associated strengths and development opportunities in influencing various people types
  • Becoming aware of the various types of group and how to counter them with the right strategies
  • Learning the art of building winning relationship
  • Preparing adequately before entering the negotiation process
  • Devising and recognizing options for mutual gain for a win-win solutions
  • Using the power of influence when negotiating
  • Delineating clear action steps that both parties understand
  • Succeeding in Changing World
  • Understanding the Needs Cycle Matrix in order to influence with Power
  • A positive approach to winning relationship
  • Listening : Getting the whole picture
  • Preparing to think on your feet
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Moving through stalemates
  • Handling Resistance


Many think leadership is a position or title; others think leadership is dictatorship; still others think that leadership is a trait you must be born with. Having a positive leadership effect doesn’t require a title, formal power, or formal authority. Some of the best leadership comes from within the organizations from people without formal authority. Leadership is all about influencing people around you to be on your side, and everyone can influence and learn how to become influential. When you are able to have a better understanding of yourself, others and the context of the environment, you will be able to use the knowledge to have better influence over self and others.

Far too much time, energy, and money pours down the drain these days in organizations, as young leaders have not been taught how to ‘cope’ in such fast changing times with influence challenges such as resolving conflict and differences of opinion, selling ideas, motivating, giving direction, competing for resources and negotiating. Young leaders with limited influence skills are restricted in their ability to deal with these issues effectively.

In this workshop, we will empower your organization’s executives to embrace the key principles of Influencing without Formal Authority to achieve their business objectives while maintaining positive working relationships.



Executives, management trainees and anyone who needs to influence another party to get to the desired results.



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