• Build better rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues
  • Discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships
  • Develop flexibility in actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle any situation
  • Avoid mistakes and conflicts that may result from misinterpreting others or ineffective listening
  • Influence and motivate others to first-rate performance
  • Learn how to use direct and indirect messages accurately
  • Build your self-esteem as you discover a new self-awareness
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work relationships
  • Understand values, beliefs, attitudes and perceptual processes
  • Understand emotions and how they translate into emotional intelligence
  • Master the keys to excellent communication: observe, listen, analyze, plan, communicate
  • Baseline & Introduction
  • Effective Work Relationships
  • Communication and Perceptions
  • Investigating Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Better Relationships with Ourselves and Others
  • Relationship Building
  • Relational Communication
  • Relational Listening
  • Addressing Relational Change and Conflict


Learn why successful work relationships help build successful careers!

In today’s complex business environment, you have to build successful work relationships and interact with people in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals. Now, discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships—and career success.

The first step in building better work relationships is to become aware of the differences among people—and to be willing to accept these differences as a positive force within an organization. And it all starts with you. This seminar will prepare you to create better work relationships by becoming a “conscious communicator.” You’ll return to work better able to build constructive and beneficial work relationships by learning how to analyze situations and consciously select and use productive communication strategies.


Executives, Managers, inter-department executives and anyone who wants to be a better communicator to enhance working relationship for better performance and happier experience.


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