• Conquer stage fright & think on your feet
  • Organize your thoughts quickly, effectively, and logically
  • Create and present visuals that clarify your message
  • Incorporate visual aids
  • Learn and practice the physical skills of presenting
  • Analyze your audience so your message has maximum impact
  • Deliver a concise point of view on the spot
  • Get buy-in from decision- makers
  • Move small or large groups to action
  • Manage hostile questions
  • Handle audience pressure
  • Baseline & Introduction
  • Principles of Effective Public Speaking
  • Handling ad-hoc presentations
  • Physical Skills: Nervousness
  • Physical Skills: Holding Attention
  • Strategizing Your Presentation
  • Strategizing Your Presentation
  • Presenting with Visuals
  • Using Psychology to enhance your presentation effectiveness
  • Application of High-impact presentations relevant to your marketplace


In spite of all of the emphasis today on doing business at a distance via phone, cell phone, email, Internet and fax, there are still some things that work better face to face.

In that category we must place presentations of all types: staff meetings, board meetings, sales meetings, team meetings, investor’s forum, you name it – when you must inform key decision makers efficiently and effectively, there is no substitute for a compelling presentation.

Unfortunately, many of us are intimidated at the idea of getting up in front of a group, especially with important decisions on the line. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This workshop provides you with the tools you need to deliver highly effective presentations with confidence and style, including all the basics – projection, enunciation, posture, etc. But we also help you to develop the 1-2-3 punch of content, tone of voice and body language that is the secret of professional speakers and journalists. We even help you understand different personality types and what each type is unconsciously listening for.


Executives, Sales People, Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, People Managers, Customer Service Specialist and anyone who wants to communicate & present effectively in small or large groups.


Standard or customised courses available. For further enquiries, please click HERE.