• Understand the importance of accurate and effective time management
  • Increase productivity
  • Balance work and personal life
  • Identify and avoid time wasters
  • Stop attempting too much at once
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Develop positive assertiveness
  • Plan and organize the work
  • Implement a personal time management action plan
  • Obstacles to delegation
  • Successful delegation saves time
  • How to use a master list to develop a do list
  • How a time inventory can make you time
  • Desk management
  • Personal Productivity
  • Telephone interruptions
  • Good Time Management will eliminate:
  • Symptoms of ineffective Time Management
  • Improving concentration
  • Paper work as time wasters
  • Procrastination
  • Setting Goals as a time saver
  • Other important techniques that saves time


The objectives of this particular program will be to equip your team with the vital Time Management Tools they need to drive your organization forward. This specific course will be split into three parts. The total duration will be two days of a very practical nature, to demonstrate that Time Management is a key factor for future success.

The average person spends over 150 hours per year – almost one month – just looking for information.” This statement by organizing expert Barbara Hemphill indicates how clutter and disorganized files can affect the bottom line. There are no points for neatness; but there are points for being able to instantly access the item you want when you need it. Even filing everything neatly in labelled manila folders is no guarantee you’ll be able to retrieve specific items quickly. Folders get misplaced, duplicated or misfiled. And there’s no indication of which papers are actually inside those labelled file folders.


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