• Understand basic financial terms, such as fixed assets, working capital, accrual, equity and etc .
  • Read and understand 3 key financial statements : Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Statement.
  • Understand some of the financial ratios & metrics used to measure the performance of the hotel.
  • Learn how to maximize your company’s profit by looking at cost-volume-profit relationship.
  • Cultivate proactive working relationships with finance professionals and enhance your value to the hotel.
  • The importance of accounting/finance important for a manager in the hotel
  • Understanding the concepts and framework of Finance in a hotel.
  • Principles of accounting
  • Understanding financial statement and reports.
  • Interpreting financial reports using key statistics and financial ratios.
  • Keeping your plan on target with budgetary controls.
  • Improving profitability through cost analysis and profit planning.


In today’s demanding business world and especially during challenging economic times when financial acumen is expected at every organizational level, it takes more than mere understanding of the concept of profit and loss. All too often, a manager’s performance is measured by how effectively they oversee departmental budgets.  In order to be successful, managers are required to possess practical financial skills that will enable them to make strategic decision that will have a positive impact on the profitability of their businesses.

PowerUp Success’s Finance for Non-Financial Managers is designed to provide managers with a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of financial accounting and the ability to apply them in the preparation and interpretation of financial and related information to meet internal and external reporting obligation.


Assistant Head of Departments, Managers and Executives of the hotel, Finance officers and supervisors, All executives who have just joined the hotel industry and fresh graduates from school of hospitality.


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