• Learn how to develop and deliver your own EQ learning experiences.
  • Understand the Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself model and how to apply it for learning and teaching.
  • Learn the most current research on the brain, emotions, behavior, and learning.
  • Identify specific actions to increase EQ for self, community, work, or family.
  • Enrich your toolbox of teaching/training techniques and approaches.
  • Receive recommendations of many resources, ideas, books, movies, etc.

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Engage in a transformational experience of personal and professional growth with a world class team of emotional intelligence educators. This five-day intensive course prepares educators, trainers, consultants, teachers, managers, and counselors to develop and deliver highly effective EQ learning experiences and make more compelling presentations on EQ.

Five full days of hands-on, dynamic instruction, activities, practical projects, networking, laughter, and learning. This workshop is highly active, brain-based, and experiential. The content is based on 35 years of practical teaching experience and the Self-Science curriculum featured as a model in Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. Certified Associates are delivering programs in 20 countries and all US states.

You will improve your communication and teaching skills and your understanding of emotional intelligence. The seminar follows Six Seconds’ Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself model for learning to develop and apply emotional intelligence. Participants experience an EQ learning environment and learn how to use a range of effective tools that can be adapted to a variety of audiences.

Empowering and Transforming Lives through the Power & Wisdom of Emotional Intelligence

What’s the “DNA” of performance?  We’ll help you assess it, measure it, and multiply it.  Training & Human Capital Development EQ Solutions and Consulting to leverage and optimize the people-side of performance and Productivity in Sales, Service and Leadership.

PowerUpSuccess Group is part of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner Network – organizations with certification & expertise to effectively use our methods in organizational transformation.

Become a Six Seconds Certified Associate to show your understanding of our powerful model and pedagogy. Six Seconds is a rapidly growing international organisation. Six Seconds is internationally recognised as the premier global provider of emotional intelligence training and materials.

As a Certified Associate, you receive important benefits in your work:

  • Identification with an international organisation.
  • System and structure to provide follow-up and professional development; including opportunity to co-present trainings with our team.
  • Access to powerful training and education tools, including discounts for materials used in Six Seconds Training.
  • Programs to use with schools, families, and organisations.
  • Membership in a worldwide network of EQ practitioners.

As a Certified Associate, you are entitled to use Six Seconds materials and procedures in your own training. You also have the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with the organisation and present “Six Seconds Training” in association with our network and our Master Trainers.

Certification requires successful completion of the course and then delivering a training course or workshop using the Six Seconds model and approach.

  • You will walk out with a binder full of proven exercises and tools for teaching EQ you can use right away or easily customise.
  • By receiving personal feedback in a risk-free and collegial environment you will significantly improve your training design and delivery skills.
  • This is the only EQ certification that has been conducted in 5 continents and with the largest network of members internationally.
  • Past delegates on average rate the course as 9.35/10 on “Relevant to my work” and 9.67/10 on “Facilitator expertise”, and a 276% increase in their understanding of EQ.
  • Where everything else on the market promotes a particular test, this program is focused on training and development.
  • The program is based on 35 years of experience actually teaching EQ skills to adults and children.
  • The program is based on the Self-Science curriculum, hailed in Daniel Goleman’s bestseller as one of two models for teaching EQ.
  • Using the tools we teach in this program, our team recently helped Sheraton in Orlando become the #1 rated vacation property and increase market share by 23% – while dropping turnover by 19%.
  • The program has a solid scientific basis. Six Seconds’ advisory board members include Dr. Peter Salovey (Chair of the Psych department, Dean of Yale College, and one of original scientists defining EI) and Dr. Candace Pert (former Chief of Brain Sciences for US National Institutes of Health).
  • Six Seconds is one of the best-respected names in the field with the largest international network of anyone in the field. There are offices in Singapore and Italy, and Certified professionals on every continent.
  • EQC is accredited by the International Coach Federation for 47.5 CCEUs.

“A recognised authority on how to teach and learn emotional intelligence, Josh knows how to translate cutting-edge research into applicable tools. His warm and engaging style makes him a favorite among diverse audiences.”
Peter Salovey, Dean, Yale University

“The Six Seconds EQ Model: Know Yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself is a very good model – simple yet practical! It makes understanding EQ so much easier”
Boey Mun Leong, Vice President, UOB Malaysia

“It is a ‘thumbs-up’ program which should be attended by all. It will make such a magnificent difference.”
Zac Mohd Ashari, Division Manager – Malaysia, A2A Capital Services Pte Ltd

“The interactive and varied modes of learning and teaching made the points relevant and alive to me.”
Stefany Yeo, Nilai Academy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

“The best course I have ever attended.”
Daphine Tan, Client Relations, Chemwatch Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

“EQ by 6 Seconds is applicable to all in every situation of our lives.”
HJ A Rahim, Head, Leadership and Personal Development, Brunei Shell Petroleum Co.

“It puts EQ in perspective with DIY (Do It Yourself) technology and empowers individuals to make a difference and stay in balance.”
Malar Villi, Hearts & Minds Dev Centre, Malaysia

“It’s life-changing.”
Shams Al-Abdali, Trainer, Saudi Arabia

“This workshop is powerful and empowering at the same time. It brings out your best self and helps you to spread that in your work and life.”
Dr. Kapadia, HR Director, India

“It will enable you to be a great change agent for yourself, and ultimately for the whole world.”
Kathryn, Team Manager, Canada