Sales Leaders, Sales Coaches, Sales Trainers & Facilitators, HR professionals, Recruiters and Business Owners.


As a certified SSI associate, you will be well equipped with the latest knowledge and best of class application to utilize, moderate, debrief and facilitate SSI related products within your organization or in your consulting / coaching / training offering, in areas of candidate selection, recruitment and placement, staff training & development and customer engagement strategies.

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It is a Sales Focused Psychometric Level B Sales Profiling that provides insights about a Sales Professional’s sales disposition & behavioral tendencies as well as role-fitting barometer.

The Sales Star Inventory was created by Sales Psychologist & International Sales Guru Raymond Phoon and introduced in his book, “The DNA of a Sales Superstar”, 2009; which was clinically adapted from the Directive Communication Psychology Colored Brain Communication Inventory by Arthur F. Carmazzi. The Colored Brain Model is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi, and depicted in his original Book “Identity Intelligence”, Veritas Publishing, 2002.

Sales Star Inventory (SSI) is currently Asia’s only comprehensive profiling for sales and customer facing professionals that can be embedded to Talent Development support as well.

It’s one of the few tools in the market that can be used for both sales professional development as well as for candidate selection and placement process.

  • Psychometric Sales Profiling Tool > Based on The Sales Intelligence Methodology > Enhanced from DC Color Brain Science
  • Provides insights to a Sales Person’s natural disposition & behavioral tendencies
  • Key to job fit, drive and sales competencies
  • Uncovers dispositions, strengths and values
  • Provides valuable insight for Candidate Selection Process
  • Also a system to Sales Talent Development
  • Sales Star Inventory profiling is the fastest growing choice among Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, HR recruiters, Training Professionals and Business Owners

  • The Fundamentals of Psychometrics
  • Essential foundation of Sales Intelligence
  • The Science of Sales Star Inventory
  • Experiencing Sales Star Inventory profiling
  • Sales Star Disposition Learning & Immersion
  • Using SSI for candidate selection & recruitment
  • Profile Matcher & Industry Benchmarking Roles
  • Interviewing preparation & best of class practice
  • SSI for staff development & competencies matching
  • Customer engagement scenarios
  • Implementing SSI within organizations
  • Conducting SSI debriefs and consulting methodology
  • Complete a 30-minutes certification assessment
  • Involvement in SSI project to deepen competence
  • Pathway to accreditation by American Institute of Business Psychology(Pending final validation by American Institute of Business Psychology)

  • 2.5 intensive days of immersion training and certification
  • Qualified to moderate, debrief and facilitate SSI products & services
  • Additional SSI quick-start training material (to be used for client delivery)
  • Lifetime access to SSI updates and enhancements
  • 1,000 credits for access to The Sales Star Inventory profiling & various report options ( each credit is worth USD 1)


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