Sales Leadership Certification helps you succeed in:

  • Becoming more effective as a well equipped sales leader or business owner within their own organization
  • Developing a solid foundation and greater confidence as a Certified Sales Coach to your internal / external clients.
  • Learning proven methods, strategies and skills as a high impact sales trainer that is based on world-class best practices.


Sales Leadership Certification is the most comprehensive and empowering program available in the sales development world today.

A well thought out and thorough curriculum covering the key areas essential to be a great sales leader, coach and people developer, Sales Leadership Certification is combination of the following core pillars of Sales Management, Sales Coaching & Sales Training.

Sales Star Academy uses the most effective and highly-qualified facilitators for our certification programs. Each facilitator is an experienced practitioner and shares real life examples and a wealth of practical experience during the workshop. They know how to apply classroom theory to on-the-job situations.


This results-based course will be challenging, thought provoking, informational, experiential and inspiring. Candidates will use a variety of learning tools including motivation, lecture, workshops, discussions, actual and simulated case studies, games, real life scenarios, work-based projects and open action-based learning.

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  • Have at least 5 years experience in Sales related roles
  • Has a proven sales track record of meeting business targets consistently
  • Provide a referee who familiar with your work experience and track record

Successful candidates will receive the following :

  • 5 days of workshop & sessions with comprehensive course material
  • Industry field visit to a well known successful International sales organization in Malaysia
  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Sales Training & Coaching Business Building Skills
  • One Year Membership to Sales & Marketing Institute CSP network

Sales Management

  • Understand and leverage on focusing from sales to sales management
  • Identify the major differences between salespeople and managers and from this the different skill sets required
  • Identify the desirable behaviours and skills required of good sales managers
  • Baseline proper sales habits of effective sales people
  • Develop effective sales performance tracking and learn how to implement productive incentive schemes that benefit both sales organizations and sales people
  • Understand why salespeople desire to become sales managers and how to leverage on the opportunities
  • Appreciate & overcome the barriers that often exist between salespeople and their managers
  • Understand how personal responsibility and desirable traits in selling can create on good salesperson / sales management relationships

Sales Coaching

  • Identify the differences between traditional sales management and sales coaching
  • Understand and utilize the differences between sales coaching, management, mentoring, and counseling
  • Diagnose individual performance to drive business objectives
  • Understand the varying approaches and model applicable to sales coaching
  • Learn four Sales Coaching styles and when to use them
  • Understand how coaches work in professions such as sports, music, acting and dance and how this can be applied in a sales management context
  • Use methods and strategies for Observing, Developmental Feedback and Motivation
  • Structure and conduct a sales coaching assignment in the workplace

Sales Training

  • Identify and determine the need for sales training : what, who, and how
  • Apply adult sales learning concepts, develop supportive climates and customize off-the-shelf materials
  • Use sales training activities and alternatives to lecture, strategies for different learning needs, effective questioning techniques
  • Prepare properly for a sales training session and prepare sales people to foster learning
  • Manage and encourage sales people of all backgrounds and learning styles; understand who is learning and how to address challenging participants
  • Present and facilitate a sales training program, including use of audio visuals and handouts
  • Learn how to facilitate training utilizing Sales Star Academy’s best practice sales training materials and approach

Within 45 days from completing the Sales Leadership Certification program, the participants are expected to apply the newly acquired competencies to actual on-the-job situations or opportunities. Each participant will accomplish a formatted report  (provided by PowerUpSuccess and Sales Star Academy) which requires the concurrence of their immediate supervisor in the organization or client in a coaching / training job.